Tassie Art Gallery

Malcolm Dick

Painting is a fusion of my personal feelings, the subject or colours that inspire me and my materials and techniques. Serenity and simplicity are my primary goals.

Painting enables me to fulfil an ongoing creative need and artistic desire.

My abstract paintings are based on the play of colours and how they combine to create an illusion of movement and dynamic rhythm.

My paintings begin with a loosely drawn network of simple organic shapes. I work intuitively and without a preconceived endpoint, welcoming the unexpected.  I like to work with simple shapes arranged into interesting divisions of two-dimensional space. These shapes and curvilinear lines  evoke an illusive space and thus allude to objects, landscape, even the figure. Yet they remain abstract, never specifically representing anything other than the painted surface.


My Gallery

View my gallery at    www.malcolmdick.webs.com

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