Tassie Art Gallery

I have lived in Tasmania most of my life, art has been with me from a young age and comes from within.

I have always admired our early Australian painters such as Frederick McCubbin, Tom Roberts and Aurthur Streeton. For their ability to tell stories through their paintings. The courage that is show in the size of canvas and confidence in their individual styles. When I think of the sort of conditions and restraints that faced them I am astounded at their proficiency and quality of their work.

In my art I endeavor to create a spiritual atmospheric scene of our landscape.

I allow the paint to be free to move of it's own accord, showing me the way through the journey of the painting.

Colour emerges from my impressions of the environment, the way water moves, the sun or moon as it moves changing the hue in the different seasons.

The puzzle shapes represent life and it's many changing moods and pathways.

In my art I endeavor to create a spiritual atmospheric sense of our landscape and environment.

Moonlight reflections

Tranquil waters


Warming earth

The paintings below were created in 2008 and 2009. Created either in oil, acrylic or airbrush with ink on canvas.

Fire and life




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